Saturday, April 2, 2011

So many projects, so little time ;)

My list of projects seems to grow daily :). Isn't that just how life is??? I think of something else, and on my list it goes. I'm a list person. I make lists for EVERYTHING! It helps me feel like I am progressing toward the goal, although that's completely in my mind ;). I have a running grocery list that I would go crazy if I lost! I have my project list and a list of ideas going all the time.

Today was a beautiful day here- perfect for a bike ride, so that's what we did! I love being outside, and before it gets too hot is just wonderful! I also got a start on some Spring cleaning, and while I was doing things, I was, of course, thinking of projects! hehe- One jumped into my brain pretty hard. Not sure if it's going to be a doll, pillow, wall hanging, hmmm... but I do know what she'll look like :) Here's a glimpse of her cuteness!!

Hope you are all having a sunny, happy weekend, full of things you love to do and with those that are dear to you!

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