Saturday, April 9, 2011

Teachers give you wings :)

I can vividly remember my favorite teachers growing up- Mrs.Gaddy and Mr.Williams. They still hold a special place in my heart, and I would love to give them both big hugs again for all they instilled in me and my classmates! Neither are teaching any more. They had a gift to teach more than just what the words said- pushing us to learn and grow and become better people. Encouring us to try new things and live life to its fullest, making sure we knew we were important and brilliant! Teachers make such a lasting impression on our children, I love finding ways to thank them back!

I am working on this quilt for a very special teacher I know. It's a surprise- and if she's reading this, don't peak!! Some teachers have a magical way of making regular education something that illuminates the "lightbulbs" in our minds- this one does for sure! So I had to make something for her to have to hold to remember that- a quilt it is... She loves turquoise, and red, black, and white. Perfect! Since she gives children wings to learn, the birdie became a nice symbol.

I wanted a very simple design- 9" blocks with it being 8 blocks square- that I could add something to, to make it magical! The moment I saw the little birdie fabric, I knew I had my "magical"! Isn't this just the cutest??!! So an applique birdie was just the thing to give it wings :)

The bird is 18" across to give you an idea of perspective- I love him!! I also pieced a square for each row to give it a little more zing- two of the rows have a heavily pieced square and the other 6 rows just have a two pieced square :). It gives is some fun variety, I think...

I have the top done, so now to make my sandwich and figure out how in the world I want to quilt it. I want to do a fancier something- any ideas?? Hoping to have it sprayed and pinned by tonight :)

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