Thursday, April 7, 2011

All fabric is not created equal!

Can you believe that I didn't know this when I started sewing?!!? I wondered why the "designer" fabrics cost so much, when you could get cute things at Joann's for much less? Don't get me wrong- I love Joanns, and spend plenty of my budget there, and have actually gotten some really cute fabrics there too. But the designer fabrics- oh, you can just touch them and feel the difference. The thickness and tightness of the weave, the depth of color, and the prints themselves! I have gone head over heels for Kona cotton lately- solids- something I never thought I would want in my stash. And now, there are 17 colors, nicely stacked, in rainbow order, ready to be cut into (well 16 will be cut into, 1 is extra :) ) beside my sewing table. I love the cost of the non-designer fabric, but I oh so love the designer everything else :)!

I got in trouble in my local quilt shop today! Well, not too bad, and it's for an excellent cause. I just can't stay too long, or I get too much- hehe! I love being the first person there- you can get 30% off one cut, and for a quilt back, that's a pretty good deal on "designer"! Today I got aqua, red, white, and blacks- oh such eye candy!! I am so excited to pin down a pattern and get busy for a special someone my family knows :)

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