Friday, October 19, 2012

Quilting for a Cause :)

As many of you know, Dyselxia lives at our house :) We are very involved with an amazing tutor and her center.  They are having a silent auction next week, in conjunction with a large conference, so I just had to do something :).  I told her I'd volunteer two items.  One will be a rosette necklace and the other I knew I would quilt.  I chose to make a wintery mini/wall hanging.  
It thought and thought about something that would last more months than just the holidays, and I adore snowmen, so JACKPOT!  I came up with the design out of my head and ran with it.  It's 14 inches square so it was perfect to try a few new quilting techniques:  pebbles (on the snow on the ground)
, zig zag and zig zag with swirls (on the hat), 
wavy lines (in the sky), spirals (in the eyes and button mouth),
large meandering (on the snowman body and stick arms).  
And I just couldn't resist some wooden heart shaped buttons for his belly :)  EEPPPPP!!
I also incorporated my love of embroidery with the Let it SNOW statement.  
I hope it helps the cause and brings in a good donation!  
 Only problem is, I wanna KEEP it :)!!!!

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  1. DARLING little quilt! So nice you can use your gifts to benefit a good cause!