Thursday, October 11, 2012

Closer, closer...

The curtains are DONE!!  The orange canvas curtains are to help keep the light out in the wee hours of the morning :).  I added a turquoise ricrac and then a deep lime green embroidery and sequin ribbon as trims.  The hot pink rope are the tie-ups- I love curtains that tool up and tie!  So cute! 
 I made and embroidered this beach definition pillow!  It'll be fun on the couch- once there are cushions again :)
 The dinette side- I went a bit crazy with fish net and flip flop lights!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!    We love the top cotton curtains too- beach huts, boats, and perfect fun for our trailer!
 Lastly, the FLOOR!!  I scoured the internet for a good checkerboard floor!  You would never believe how hard it is to find!  All the adhesive tiles are junk and it is nearly impossible to find a better quality "tile" in black and white!  I thought it would be the easiest part, but proved to be the most challenging- just searching for the right thing!  I finally scored with Home Depot- believe it or not, this is commercial flooring, like in schools.  I applied the adhesive and then went to work putting down each tile and measuring and cutting the itty bitty pieces for the non-12 inch spots!  But I could not be more thrilled with how it turned out, even though it is not perfect!  It is heavy duty, durable, and it looks stinkin' cute, so I am happy! 
Now back to the sewing machine- upholstery in progress :)!!


  1. Wow! Your floor looks awesome! You guys are helping me to convince my husband that we need a project camper. :-)

  2. Super cute, Candice! I hope we get to see this one in person. ;) What an amazing worker/creative you are. So inspiring! Love you guys!