Friday, October 12, 2012

TA-DA!!! C'est Fini!

This is how it all started...
After four weeks of craziness, our little project is ready to roll!  It has been a labor of love and SOOOOO much fun!  I can't imagine a more perfect get away for our family, and we are so excited to go and do and see in our mobile beach house :)
 The fish net and flip flop lights is still a favorite part, and we LOVE how the aqua polka dot home decor fabric was a perfect match for the exterior and interior colors!  The bunk above the couch has an awesome circular the-dye home decor print covering that mattress!  Such fun!  Just makes you smile and take a relaxing breath!  LOVE it!
 The double layer of curtains was a definite must!  It would have been "ok" with just one or the other, but having both just sets it all off perfectly!
 And what's clamping without some chevrons??!  And a magnet board to boot!  And a hanging lantern sunshine- a beach must have some sunny days :)
 The kitchen orange was just what we wanted and our accessories added to the joy!
 The floor- VCT checkerboard- one of my favorite parts!  And I did it all by my little self- woohoo!
 Full length of the couch- so cozy!

 Fun all around :)
The sign was from the thrift store- we turned some arrows around, painted it, and made our "favorites" directional sign.  Then the beaded lamp jumped in my cart at Hobby Lobby yesterday!  It was too perfect- we had to go to 6 stores, literally, to find the special bulb for it though ;).  But it was the finishing touch to make us smile, with the purple lantern lights too!  What a great combo!  
For us, it's just what we wanted- now for some serious camping fun!  


  1. oh wow - can't believe you did all that in 4 weeks! It's as fun as can be - I'm really happy for you & know your family will love traveling around with it!!

  2. Holy cow that came out soooo cool! You guys are going to enjoy that for such a long time. I think the husband is almost convinced! This might put him over to my side. : )

  3. Very cool! Did the outside get a reno too?