Thursday, March 24, 2011

My first attempt, months ago...

My dear mother-in-law had invited me to visit a friend who is an AMAZING quilter. This lady is incredible, Louise is her name- she has the "studio" I dream of- bolts and bolts and BOLTS of fabric- not just a few tiny pieces, like my current "stash", a huge permenant cutting table, ironing boards (all wider than normal), sewing machines (yes, plural- ahhhh!), her quilts hanging all over, and the list just goes on... She can pretty much do anything, in my eyes, and I just was in awe at our "lesson"- my hands shook and I was scared to death I was gonna hurt her machine! ha! She told me to go home and practice piecing and that everytime I did it, I would get more and more comfortable.

Well, she is right, it does get easier each time. This was my practice- I love log cabin quilts (especially the wonky ones), and even though I was trying to square mine off perfectly, it's still a bit wonky, but I love it beacuse it reminds me of trying something that I had always been scared to do! I am now scared of "paper piecing" and am anxious to have her impart info on that subject next time :)!

This little 17" square doll quilt sat for a year after I pieced it- because I didn't know how to make a "quilt sandwich" and machine quilt it. So after making my huge first "real" quilt (that'll be another post) and loving it, I figured a tiny doll quilt would be a cinch! I stippled my first quilt (on a small-ish Bernina- let me tell you, that was a trick! lol- now I'm dreaming of the 820, or at least a 440QE!) but wanted to try something different. So loops it was- and I adore them! It is ME! Now to figure out the binding- any brilliant suggestions? I was thinking maybe a patchwork of the fabrics I used for the cabin blocks, but I'm still pondering... That's nice about quilting too- it gives you lots of time to ponder :)

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