Monday, March 28, 2011

Beginnings of a Rainbow and Kaelin's Rockin' Giveaway!!

I'll start with a fabulous giveaway that my friend, Kaelin, is having over on her blog... The girl is incredibly talented- I've told her I wanna be like her when I "grow up"! I better hurry up cause I'm older than she is already ;)! She has had the best giveaways this month, part of her Blogiversary celebrations, and this week leaves nothing to be desired. Fabric, doll quilt, happiness, and fun- you will not be disappointed! Head on over and see what a sweetheart she is!

Dut, dut, dut, da!!!! I FINALLY have my Kona solids for my Bottled Rainbow quilt! I'd been flustered at how much it was gonna cost to order them all, since I only have "flesh" kona in my stash. So I was absolutely thrilled when Joann's decided to put them on sale AND have a 25% off your entire purchase coupon, both at the same time. Problem was that they do not carry all the colors. That was ok with me- I like being creative! So I went to 3 different Joann's to get colors that were close enough to me, and still made me smile happy inside like a rainbow would do! The blue-green in the stack is not Kona- just an off brand because, stinker, they didn't carry the color I needed ;). I love how the colors turned out and am so excited to start! I know some very kind friends who are sharing some scraps with me to help my variety not be pitiful ;) You know who you are- thank you more than I can say!!!!!! So here is my pile- I got enough of each color to be able to bind it in strips too- I thought a rainbow binding would also be fun! Have a wonderful day, and look for rainbows!

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