Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm new to something else old too :)

Besides quilting, I am new to another something that's pretty old: collecting Pyrex, and loving every minute of it! A dear blogger I follow, Jeni, kept sharing her amazing Pyrex collection. At first, I just thought, "oh, those are some neat pieces, but it's just Pyrex". Oh, was I wrong- after a few more posts, I thought, "Oh, those are some REALLY neat pieces, and they are Pyrex!" giggle, giggle! Thus, I began my quest... I love crafting and handmade, and living simply, so Pyrex fits right in!

I grew up in the deep South and how I wish I could still be there, hitting the flea markets every week! But alas, I am across the country, raising my sweet family, so I had to find some other options. Thrift stores were my first thought. (The area I live in has no Goodwill or SA - sad, huh?) But I have started visiting the local thrift stores (chains) each week, just in case. My first visit brought some luck--- my first Pyrex finds, a lovely butter dish (which I enjoy using every day at breakfast :) ) and a large Homestead fridgie. They had a few other things, but in horrid condition, so I was smart enough to pass.

Then I found a set of gold bowls and more homestead rounds at an, um, let's say unique/scary, thrift store (very local- nowhere close to a chain store- HA). The gold bowls each have a tiny scratch or two and the two smaller gold bowls have faded some, but I loved the color they faded to, so I had to snag them. The larger Homestead had a lid, the smaller did not, but since I'm just beginning, that was ok with me. (I have found out that the smaller bowls are not faded, the set is actually 2 lighter and 2 darker yellows- I am just missing a darker yellow inbetween the two smaller bowls- yah-hoo!)!

My last find in two weeks, was my favorite. Driving down the street, I saw an estate sale. Turns out that a company does an estate sale every other weekend, and the man said, "There is ALWAYS Pyrex"- my new best Pyrex buddy! hehe! He took my email so he could get in touch- I'm crossing my fingers to find some things in good condition at decent prices! Anyway, at this sale, I found a milky white loaf dish, and I only paid $1!! Woo-hoo!

So this is where I begin- with hopefully, lots more to come :) I'm dreaming of pinks, blues, reds, yellows, and greens :) And I love a good treasure hunt! If you ever see or hear of any Pyrex, drop me a line, and I'd love to add to my little collection!

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