Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Herbal Ice Cream??!!?

Ok, we found the most yummiest Mexican place around last week!  Oh my tastiness!  It is absolutely incredible!  It's in an industrial part of town so being a gourmet restaurant makes it pretty unique.  What a fun atmosphere and great feeling though!  I had a chili stuffed with all sorts of goodness- pork, nuts, sauce, more walnut sauce on top, then some pomegranate seeds to give it some zing :).  There was also some asparagus and spinach dyed cilantro rice- ouuuu, yumm!  I don't often splurge, but that night was an exception.  
The thing that surprised me was the dessert.  I had narrowed it down to two and couldn't decide so I asked the table next to us- they had tried several (it was a bigger group).  They said, hands down, what their favorite was, so we ordered that.  Why not be adventurous, especially since it sounded so unusual and wasn't even on our narrowed down list?!  :)  I didn't get a photo because it was gone so quickly! hehe!  Talk about wonderful!  Here's what it was...
A strawberry rolled cake with a cream filling, next to some cream sauce, and BASIL ice cream, yes, as in green basil!!!  It sounded so bizarre and wasn't too tasty alone, but mix a taste of each thing on the plate, and you had a mouthful of heaven!  Moral of the story- even though it may sound odd- if you are ever at a gourmet Mexican restaurant, in an industrial part of town, order the basil ice cream and strawberry cake for dessert.  You won't be disappointed!!  The end. :)

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  1. oh this sounds like a fun foodie moment. Thanks for sharing about the experience - the delicious {herbal} surprise - and for linking up!