Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I love the recipe idea that Debbie has- she calls it Tuesday at the Table, and this summer is focusing on a Picnic table- how fun!!!  I love great ideas that are tried and true.  And easy is good too!  This week the focus is desserts and I have a list of desserts that are just too good to not mention.  Southern Banana Pudding- oh yeah, Low sugar cheesecake, Fried Ice cream, and so many more.  But one is requested quite often at gatherings- My hubby's Aunt Vicky's Chocolate Trifle.  Talk about good for your soul- it's what I call soul food- actually, most chocolate is soul food to me :) hehe!!  The sad thing is, is that it never lasts long enough for me to get a picture, so you will just have to imagine the gorgeously, delicious layers!  Here it is:

You need:
your favorite chocolate cake mix
cool whip
instant chocolate pudding- I use 2 large packages
lots of Skor bars- I use about 6

Here's what ya do:
Cook the cake- let cool.
Make the chocolate pudding.
Crush the Skor bars in a bag.
Get out a clear glass or trifle bowl.  
Now here's the hard part- hehe!
1-pieces of chocolate cake
2-chocolate pudding
3-whip cream
4-Skor bar
 and layer 1-4 AGAIN.
Stand back and behold the prettiness, and imagine how yummy it will taste.  

Here's the catch- you MUST, and I REPEAT, M-U-S-T make this several hours (or even the day before is best) before eating so the flavors soak together and gets the cake mushy!!  Then you have some fine eatin'!

This recipe is enough alone to plan a picnic for- go ahead, it'll be great fun and great food :)

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  1. oh this DOES sound like fine eatin'! YUM. Banana Pudding was my daddy's fav - good memories! Thanks for the shout-out and for linking up - great fun!