Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The center of the Home...

I have always loved houses and house plans!  I have even drafted a few of my own.  Someday I would love to build a house.  I want to make a house quilt- just trying to figure out the perfect "take" on it for me and my style.  :)
When I think of the perfect house, to me, the KITCHEN would be in the center- literally!  That may sound weird, but let me explain...  That's where I spend 99% of my time- that's where our family chats- that's where stories are retold, laughter is always heard, and heartfelt love is shared.  If I could build my dream kitchen, it would be complete with fireplace and cozy chairs, window seats and couches.  There is a sign above my kitchen table that says "Come gather round our table."  That's what the kitchen is to us- where we are us, imperfections and all, and where we are truly loved, no matter what.  
I thought about this today as I read Debbie's daughter's story of her new lunch bag.  How good it is to sit, listen, and enjoy the meal- and having those you love around you is an added bonus.  I regularly read the Penzeys Spices catalog- love it!!
I received my latest copy yesterday and opened it today, in the midst of my musings about the central role of a kitchen, and almost did a double take at the inside of the cover...
Just perfect!  So I guess you could say, I want kindness to be the center of our home.  What a wonderful place the world would be if we could all take time to sit, visit, share some home cooked food, and just be loved around the kitchen table!  So no matter what room your kitchen table may be in, and whether or not it is close to the center point of your home, may it be the heart of your home each day!


  1. ahhh. This is what it's all about to me and my family too....what a wonderful piece & what a heartfelt post - the kind of stuff Tuesday at the Table was created for. Thanks so much for sharing! Your post makes my day.

  2. Agreed! We renovated our house to have the kitchen in the middle and open to the family room. It was the best thing we ever did.

  3. I'm a huge Penzey's fan as well!!