Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Summer Staple...

And memories of home!  What could be better than that?  Good food and good memories :).  
I grew up in the South and some of my favorite summer memories involve getting together with extended family.  This always included a meal in there somewhere.  Baked beans were sure to be included- indoors or out! I had not been able to get baked beans the way they were growing up until I got some help from my cousin, Brooke!  She is the genus behind this recipe, and it is a crowd stopper.  Sure to be a hit!  And man, does it smell de-lish when it's simmering :)!  
Here it is, one of those recipes you just have to shake in some of this and squirt in some of that, and just taste until it's right for you and your brood.  I am not one that does well without exact measurements, but this one somehow works.  And people, if I can do this one, you can too!  Ir's definitely worth the try, trust me :).

Begin with a few cans of BUSH'S Original Baked Beans- you can use whatever your favorite brand is, but from all I've tried, these are the bestest
Place beans in a crock pot (or pot on the stove- these simmer for several hours, so make sure if using the stove that you will be home long enough)
bbq sauce- again, your favorite brand and flavor- I use Famous Dave's Original
worcestershire sauce
garlic powder
brown sugar
onions- fresh or dried are ok
bacon- bits or cooked and crumbled, either one
and I heard a great tip yesterday too- molasses

Mix well and simmer for several hours- stir everyone in a while so it does not burn to the bottom of the pot, if using the stove version.

Once done, add to the other staples of summer and enjoy some good eaten'!

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  1. oh these sound good! And I HAVE heard Bush's are the best - did you see the bbq videos on Pioneer Woman, obviously sponsored by Bush's?? Anyway, thanks for sharing AND for linking up! (Yum!)