Thursday, February 7, 2013

DQS13 Complete and sent...

It's ready and off in the mail.  My secret partner should receive it today- oh, how I hope she like it!!  After trying two other things, this one stuck and I so hope that it's her style!!  She has some grandkiddos that I thought would love this too.  It's called the Balloon Tree.  The balloons were for sale until the peddler realized there was a tree with balloons growing on them.  Then he made them all free to share the love and joy!  What an awesome guy!  How I wish we could all be so kind and generous :)  The 1" flower, standing proud and strong next to his balloon tree, is one of my favorite parts.
 The balloon cart and escaping balloon- it's yellow to represent the sun that's shining in the sky. Who knows what adventure it will be going on :)
 The awesome tree- complete with squirrel and acorns even!
 The entire mini quilt- measuring 17x20".
 Some fun views...

 The quilting- 12 hours worth... enough said.  I really stretched myself and tried new things.  I love how it turned out!

So I'm crossing my fingers that it is well loved.  It was made with a lot of love and hard work!  And now, whenever I see a tree or a balloon, I will think of the whimsical Balloon Tree and smile :)

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  1. Wow! SO much detail - good for you for stretching - it's darling!