Sunday, February 3, 2013

DQS13 Coming Along

Since my last post, my design has had to totally shift.  After watching things my secret partner liked and commented on, I realized that my modern spirals (that I loved) was not quite her thing.  So sad, but very glad I realized it.  She seemed to be more into "sweet and cute" ideas so I had to come up with something new. I thought and thought and stressed and stressed!  I finally came up with a carousel.  
 As much as I loved it, it just wasn't hitting me :)  But a little part, in the corner of the drawing, was!  The balloon cart- I loved it and so that became the center point of the new quilt!  It took lots of appliqué and piecing hours to get it to this point.  Here it is at the almost quilting stage.
The mini measures 17x20 inches.  There is a run away balloon in the top corner, and a tiny flower by the "special" tree.  The cart is still my favorite part.  Got the back made and then on to quilting...
 I spent almost a full 12 hours on quilting alone.  I so hope the recipient loves it!  Here is the breeze that's carrying off the balloon and one of the clouds quilted.
 And the grass and tree in progress of quilting!
And then the back (with label) once the quilting was done in the wee hours last night. It's the most intricate quilting I've ever done.  It was full of new tries and techniques, and I am very happy with how it turned out.  Now to get a binding on, and off to it's new home!  Now I am so stressed waiting to see if my secret partner likes it :)  Crossing fingers...

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