Thursday, January 3, 2013

Summin' up a year of projects...

It didn't feel like I got much done this past year, but here is the sewing version of my year's worth...
Not to bad :)  I'm happy with it!

And the big project of the year, that was mostly non-sewing related (however, quite a bit involved sewing now that I think about it)...'s definitely the most fun too!  Thinking of doing it again, to an Airstream this time!  That'll keep me busy for a few months ;).  On to 2013 and lots more fun!!!


  1. Your caravan is gorgeous. Can't go wrong with turquoise. Ever.

  2. WOW I love your caravan! Turquoise, orange and white - perfect colours. Ours is sooo blah and fuddy duddy in comparison.

  3. I really enjoyed seeing your caravan (didn't know that was what it was called!) get updated - it's so fun!