Friday, March 2, 2012

My entry and confusion...

I'm linking up with Lynne's small blog meet today!
Lily's Quilts
Been busy working on the RV, getting it ready for the first journey :) Planning more curtains and bed coverings, etc!! Still looking for that perfect, thick fabric :) Here's hoping - and within the budget! hehe!

Made an entry for the Moda Sliced competition- only to realize that I think I was an hour late because I got my time zones messed up!!! I have cried and cried!! Horrors! I NEVER mess them up- that's my hubby's job, and I always correct him. Unfortunately, when it counted, I got it all skee-wam-pust! So I am praying that the quilt fairies smile down on me and a miracle happens and I can be evaluated for the contest. If nothing else, I am praying that someone will at least tell me what they thought of my entry. I created BOOK END FRIENDS :) Quilted, cute, wood 2x8 filled book ends, with an adjustable strap to expand or decrease with the books they hold. Batting, Moda fabric, and a buckle were the required items. I couldn't think of anything ingenious to enter until hours before the end. Inspiration hit and I worked like a mad woman to finish. So we'll see what happens- there are some amazing entries!!

A picture many be worth a thousand words, but a book is definitely worth a thousand pictures! Thus the "worth 1000" and the teensy pieced Polaroid pictures. Very me!! Here are my book end friends :)

Have a marvelous weekend, filled with SUNSHINE!!!


  1. Cute project! I am glad it ended up counting. Good luck :)

  2. That's a nice entry hopefully - well it is nice, but hopefully it really is an entry. That's a shame with the time zones - I hope they will let you in anyway. Do you mind if I "steal" your idea? I was planning on a wooden bookshelf for my desk, but that fabric way looks good too.

  3. Hi there! I'm stopping by from Lily's Quilts small blog meet up :)
    Your project is such a cool idea! I hope you got to be included in the contest, it looks great!

  4. Clever idea.. I really like it... Good job!


  5. I think they are really neat. I would have never though of making quilted bookends. Great Job!