Monday, March 12, 2012

Auction Doll

I heart Bit of Whimsy Dolls~ I have loved Sarah's patterns for years- they were the first thing I tried sewing when I taught myself to sew almost 2 years ago. They make me smile and she has so many darling patterns, they are just too fun! We have a charity auction coming up that I needed to make something for, and this seemed to be the perfect solution. Who can resist a pink doll, extra clothes, and a pillow and blanket set?? I hope it helps the cause! Here's the auction doll with all her extras...
Some Sunkissed and Lizzie House fabric- so perfect!
When my little saw me making a pink doll, well, let's just say, I made two instantly :) I love the "twin" too and used a few different fabrics to add variety. It made her smile- mission accomplished! I love a good day's work- well, actually two days in this case :)
Here's a full length shot of the "twin" - this is the Mae pattern, in case you are interested, and here is Sarah's wonderful site: Head on over to see the cuteness!

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