Monday, December 10, 2012

Not my normal color palate...

I have a dear friend who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in the past few weeks.  She just began THREE YEARS of chemo.  It hurts my heart to know a little of the things she will experience.  My mom had chemo during my Senior year of high school, so I have been there a bit.  She is a survivor and has such an amazing attitude.  And I believe in miracles, so I have faith all will be well.  For Christmas, her family wants to surprise her with a "box of hugs" for each month.  They asked friends to participate in the fun too.  I immediately knew I had to make a quilt.  It just hollered at my heart and head!!  
After several calls, I found out her favorite colors are autumn colors.  I go for more happy, rainbow jewel tones, so these were not in my stash.  After several trips to get Kona solids, some beautiful prints, and a couple etsy orders (I am still waiting on 4 solids), I am almost ready.  The creme is the background and the vintage butterfly sheet will be the back!  I usually wait til I have the top pieced to pick a binding- I'm just weird that way :).  
As much as these are not my normal colors, they are gorgeous and I can hardly wait to see it come together!  I hope those last few colors get here fast because this has to be done by the 20th!  I'll be doing some fast and furious sewing :)  Love it!  I am so glad that I know how to make something that can give her a hug on a day she may need it!

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