Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I. Can. Hardly. Breathe!!!!  I'm in!!!
In what???  The swap of all swaps- the Doll Quilt Swap!  I could hardly believe it when I made the cut :)  WOW!!  I still feel like I'm walking around in a dream!  Ever since I saw Angela's "Where Bluebird's Fly" mini quilt years ago (second row, second from left), I knew I had found my niche!  I adore quilts that tell a story!  Did that special quilt ever tell a story!  She moved me and my inspiration soared!!  I have wanted to be in the swap for so long, and finally have my chance!!  Here is the mosaic I made to let my secret partner know what I love!  We find out our partners next week!!  I am counting down the days!!  


  1. "The Swap of all swaps!" That warms my heart! I remember the quilt you're talking about - that one is truly a work of art! I love the creativity I get from this swap - I hope you enjoy your first round! :)

  2. Ah thanks Candice! I'm so glad that quilt moved you. It touched all of us in different ways. I love when a quilt can do that. I'm honored that you remember it so well.

  3. Very cool! Congrats to you - have fun creating!!

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