Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So Sad...

Last year, I was able to attend the very first ever Sewing Summit. I was so nervous because I didn't know anyone! I had met a few online "friends" and had the delight to get to know them better over the few days- it was truly a joy and gift for me to be able to be inspired by so many. I have sooooooooo been looking forward to this coming October since the moment last year began--- until hubby told me that there was a work obligation for him that would not be good if I miss. It is our one "big" date of the year. About the only time we have together- just the two of us. So it's a big deal. We weren't sure if it would be the same week or not- won't know for sure til June, and that's when I got my ticket last year- so I figured it would be ok to wait and see.
I was so itching all morning yesterday to click purchase on the Sewing Summit site- I was at the computer at 9 am even :). The list of teachers, seeing my friends again, and so much that I would learn. But I knew I couldn't, not yet. Then I heard how fast the first 5o tickets went- less than a minute. I got worried. I woke up this morning to see that the tickets had sold out in a matter of 10 hours! So wonderful for the conference but oh so sad for me! How I want to be there. I don't get to "get out" much, and the conference is the "my time" of the year. But alas, it may not be an option this year. Now I REALLY hope that hubby's event is the same time, or I will be crushed!!
So if you were one of those wonderfully blessed ones who was able to purchase a ticket yesterday, you will have an incredible experience! If you were one of the ones like me, and for whatever reason, who was not able to purchase a ticket, we'll have a pity party together :).

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  1. Sorry that you've possible missed your chance. They are taking names for a wait list in the event they decide to release more tickets.