Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blogland waits for No one :)

I have been swimming in LIFE lately! :) It's a very good thing, but it has kept me from blogging about the sewing I love. Actually, it has kept me from the sewing I love too :) hehe! Anyway, I am getting back closer each day, so that is happy news!
This past month there were 3 birthdays in my dear little Zoo, not to mention the tail end of Christmas festivities, so keeping up has been a bit of a joke for me. But I am here and ready! I had better be getting wildly busy because I have 5, yes, count them, 1-2-3-4-5!!!, quilts to finish by June :). How's that for some needed motivation? I also want to play along with Jennifer on the Modern Mini Challenge, and I will start Swooning along soon too :) Gonna go for the gigantic swoon option!
I have still found a bit of time to thrift now and then and my vintage sheets are overflowing their shelves. This is only part of the one I have. Oh dear- gotta figure out something :). Cause there is no way to stop buying these amazing sheets. I just need to sell more pieces :) HA! Actually, it amazes me how many international customers I have had lately. It has been so cool to send these bits of vintage goodness all across the globe in the past few weeks!

And I grabbed a few new little goodies- who can resist a SALE??!!! I just *had* to buy it since it was on sale :)
And Aunt Edna, who can forget about her??! These are what my local Joann's had, and my dear friend Kaelin is sending me some gray dots from her neck of the woods :) YIPPEE!!!
Working on several quilt tops at the moment. I'll get photos as soon as they are pieced together! Until then, enjoy your sewing, and more importantly, ENJOY LIFE!!! It goes by too fast :) Sit back and bask in the sunshine! :)


  1. Ain't that the truth? Glad to hear it's been a good busy that's kept you away!

  2. you're gonna swoon? that's fantastic news! Love your new stash items too!!