Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vintage Fabric Finds :)

As you are well aware of, I LOVE thrifting- it has become something I can only let myself do once a week, or I would drag the family everyday! And homework must get done- hehe! The past few weeks I have found some wonderful sheets that I am busy putting FQs into my shop from. I also found some sheets that were added to "my" stash that will become quilt backs, etc. This one SCREAMED out at me as I walked past! Angela (http://www.cuttopieces.blogspot.com) says her fabric talks- well, then it only seems right that vintage sheets can also communicate. And this sheet SCREAMED!! :) It also jumped right into my cart! I adored Strawberry Shortcake when I was younger, and still love the original especially. I even have all of the scented dolls from my younger years out that I can grin at and remember the "good ole days"! Anyway, here it the screamer:
Isn't it just wondermous??!! I think it's gonna make a great quilt!
Another love of my dolly days was Cabbage Patch Kids- I had 13 of them- from twins to a Preemie, to an astronaut, to several boys, to an International one, and the list goes on! So when I saw this, it talked too! (Not screaming, but talked firmly) And jumped in the cart! :)
Such fun and such great memories!
Then I found 2 pieces of fabric that really made me smile. The first is a circus theme, and while I am not a fan of the circus, I loved some of the animals on it. They will be very fun once cut up and in a project!! The bird clinched the purchase! (and it was only $1.50 or something like that- not bad for almost 2 yards!)
And the other piece was this Disney print. The alphabet mixed with the pink background and characters was too darling to pass by! And it's a thicker weight fabric too! So fun!
The style is Very ME!
So along with all the sheets, there are bits and pieces of memories and glimpses of the past that make me smile! Hope you smiled some too!

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