Friday, November 11, 2011

My week of no computer...(actually 2 weeks! NOT on purpose)

I never dreamed my computer would be gone for a week. That's what today is, and it's still not back. It has been tricker ye because I was out of town for the week prior to this past week and had no computer there either. So, without my regular way of functioning, it's been a little hairy! :) I will hopefully hear by tonight if my computer is salvedgeable or if I must bite the bullet and get a new one. Crossing fingers! Here's some things I learned:

1- don't ever take your computer for granted. I have a computer to use, but it is a bare bones model that won't let me do most of my normal things, like listing in my etsy shop. My photos are on my computer, so I'm dead in the water, shop wise.

2- an iPhone is great, but makes your eyes hurt when trying to read blogs! And forget scrolling on some sites- mine won't let me.

3- uploading photos is REALLY hard when when you don't have your computer.

4- you find lots of time to get the "to do" list done when there are no blogs to follow and no flickr to see.

5- your fingers can get really fast at "texting" when you are typing email replies and blog posts from your iPhone :)

6- technology is good and bad, but I choose to see the good!

7- your imagination gets rolling when you have to rely on yourself for inspiration :)

Number 7 is my favorite!! Hope technology is going great on your end, and that your imagination is still running wild! Have a marvelous weekend, full of sunshine :)

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